As anyone who has started watching One Piece can attest it is a series that goes on and on and on and on.  With over 1000 episodes spread over many many arcs and then there’s 15 movies spread about as well, it’s difficult to sit and binge watch One Piece start to finish.

Personally I find it drags on too long with many episodes just to reach a conclusion with a fight or an escape and while I know this builds to the excitement of the drama sometimes it just gets too much.  For this reason I put the remote down at the end of the Marineford Saga (episode 516) to take a break.

You can see more about the Sagas and Arcs in this Youtube video:

I haven’t watched any of the movies, waiting to finish more of the series first.

I have now booked a ticket to go to see One Piece Film: Red in the cinema in a few weeks so I think now is the time to start getting back into the series.

Next up is Fishman Island Saga which is around half way through the current episodes.  Will One Piece ever end?  Doubtful.


While I would love to spend more time talking about One Piece I think it’s easy to spoil for everyone by doing so.  You can watch One Piece on Crunchyroll or Netflix although they do not have the complete library available with new seasons being added infrequently.


I am curious if anyone else has been watching One Piece and how far into the series you’ve got.  Let me know in the comments.





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