Welcome to Chillybin.

After spending months and months racking my brain on what I wanted to do with this site I think I have reached that eureka moment.

Firstly I wanted to setup a community forum that was mostly tech based similar to Whirlpool in Australia but obviously with a lot less bam.

Now I am settling on a tech blog where I can write about my feeling towards tech that interests me and hopefully find some other interested people who might also share their thoughts on this blog.  Of course I also want to share my other interests such as travel, aviation and anime so expect to see some posts about this too.

The forums are open and anyone is welcome to join and contribute.  I will add more categories to the forums as time progresses but if you’re interested in a particular topic please leave a comment below and i’ll get right onto setting up a forum for it.

If you are interested in contributing posts or volunteering some time for forum management at all please leave a comment and i’ll get back to you to discuss your ideas further.

Meanwhile be patient with me while I tweak the site to be a bit more visually pleasing.  I’m still trying to find a template that suits my needs, the current one seems to be OK but time will tell if I stick with it or not.

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