It’s been a wild ride with Apple and the Lightning port and finally to USB C adaption.

With the 2015 12 inch Macbook featuring just 1 port, a USB C port and the redesigned 2016 Macbook Pro line featuring 2 or 4 USB C / Thunderbolt ports it’s been a long wait to see how long until Apple fully embraced USB C and ditched Lightning.

Even the past few years the iPhone has come with a USB C to Lightning cable (about time) but when will they ditch Lightning completely and just have USB C to USB C?

The new devices announced yesterday included the 10th generation iPad which now has gone all in on USB C.  The only caveat is the iPad still only supports Apple Pencil 1st Generation which is Lightning so an adapter is required to charge the Pencil.

Also announced yesterday is an updated Apple TV and the new Siri Remote comes with a USB C charging port instead of Lightning, although Apple has not included a USB C charging cable in the box this time around where previously they included a Lightning cable in the box to charge the remote.

Let’s hope this USB C trend continues down the line with the next iPhone being USB C which should surely mark the end of Lightning.

It has been disappointing to see the iPhone 14 and new AirPods Pro released this year still sporting Lightning ports but this could be the end of the line for Lightning.

It’s only a shame USB C doesn’t have a snazzy name like “Lightning Connector” or “Thunderbolt Port”.  Maybe we can adopt the name “Stormy Port” 🤣🤣





Photo by Marcus Urbenz on Unsplash

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