Every time Apple has a press event to announce a new device or a new operating system I sit at the edge of my seat waiting to see what’s new, what’s gone, what’s changed, what’s exciting.

Lately however it feels like there has been a growing bias towards US consumers with many new operating system features rolling out in North America first, often never expanding beyond.

I understand that different countries have different ways of doing things, but more options are always better right?

For example Apple’s entrance into finance with the Apple Card, it’s tight integration with iPhone is amazing compared to the clunky way most banks manage their credit cards.  Then there is Apple Cash, basically a digital wallet allowing money to be sent between people with just a text message, far easier than logging into internet banking to perform a transfer.  On the horizon is Apple Cash Savings, allowing cash backs from Apple Card to be sent to a savings account stored on your phone.  Well maybe this is pointless without any of the other options available outside the US.

While still in the Wallet there is also digital drivers licences, while this roll out across the US seems to be extremely slow it is doubtful any foreign governments will consider getting on board.  Over the years there has also been things like ID cards for university students available in Apple Wallet, never heard of this at the University of Auckland.

Maps always has new features in the US first, Detailed City Experiences for example.

How about Health?  The USA has clinical trials to get involved in, health records with your health providers and so much more that will probably never be available on this side of the Pacific.  A quick look on Apple’s own feature list and it’s limited to North America and maybe the UK.

It is always cool seeing many of the new exciting things Apple comes up with but disappointing to think most of them will never be available to me.

What’s your thoughts?





Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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