Listed below are tables showing the feature sets for New Zealand’s mobile networks.

This is currently a work in progress, add a comment if you’d like to contribute something.


3G4G5GWifi CallingVoLTEWebsite
One (Vodafone)


Sim Cards

Standard SimEsimApple Watch Support
One (Vodafone)XX (Pay Monthly Only for now)Coming 2023



Standard VoicemailVisual Voicemail
One (Vodafone)X
SparkXUses Own App


Wifi Calling / SMS

Wifi Calling NZWifi SMS NZWifi Calling InternationalWifi SMS International
One (Vodafone)


New Zealand Mobile Network Virtual Operators

These are companies while resell bandwidth bought from wholesale providers such as Spark or Vodafone for example.


Network UsedPlans AvailableConnections AvailableWebsiteNotes
SkinnySparkPrepay, Tourist4G, 5G
Kogan MobileOne NZ (Vodafone)Prepay4G
Warehouse Mobile2DegreesPrepay3G, 4G
Digital IslandSparkBusiness4G for esim
SlingshotSparkCustomer Add-On?4G to be an add on for Slingshot customers
VocusSparkBusiness4G, 5G Customers Only


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