It’s been brought up for years, voicemail is dying.  Long live voicemail.

No matter how long we wait it seems voicemail is destined to outlive most other dying phone technologies.  With Apple creating Visual Voicemail to revitalise the platform and various providers implementing their own take on VVM it was always an add on that made the phone companies a little extra coin along with your plan.  Now mostly it comes free with phone plans, both post and prepaid.

Recently I thought it’d be nice to have the recorded message asking my callers to send me a text message and disabling the ability to leave a message but this seems to be something that hasn’t been thought up before.

I find voicemail so unreliable, with people either hanging up or leaving half baked messages, it’d be great to just not have voicemail anymore but I just can’t let it go yet, it’s still got a small amount of usefulness allowing calls to be screened without answering the phone.  Still a text message would be 100 times more useful than a babbling message.

Food for thought.



Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash

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