I often come across stories about someones life being saved by their Apple Watch, whether it has detected a heart problem or something more severe it is always great to hear someone has been helped by technology.



Most of these stories seem to come from the USA.  My question to the world is, has your Apple Watched ever helped save your life?  I have a number of medical specialists that I see frequently and I have never had a conversation with them about data collected by the Apple Watch.  It’s not to say I haven’t raised the issue but they’ve never been interested so I tend to feel even if I had some issue that was plain as day it would go un-diagnosed.

I tend to think the American health care system has embraced technology far quicker than us Pacific nations and while I hope one day we will catch up I will not hold my breath waiting.

What are your thoughts on Apple Watch?  Obviously there’s great benefits to be had by tracking your own fitness and health data but has it helped you in the long run to diagnose an underlying condition or have you been trapped by a bear and only had your Apple Watch to call for help? 🧸


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